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It’s all about the roots!

Selecting a bareroot plant is the most economic, efficient, and environmentally friendly way of ordering planting material; no pot, pot peat, no heat, just plants in their basic form produced outdoors, hardy as nature intended.

Why bareroot?

With the onset of winter plants enter dormancy.  To help reduce stress in the plant, this is the prime time to lift it from the ground, move it, and replant it ready for the active growing phase in the Spring. 

During this dormant phase we carefully lift the plants from the ground, clean the soil from the roots and prepare them for delivery.  Bareroot plants are much easier to plant on as they are lighter and easy to manoeuvre.

Planting them out from November to March will help ensure fast establishment.

Bareroot & Rootballed Trees

The Herefordshire soil and climate combined with our expertise and careful husbandry ensure that our trees are extremely healthy with a fibrous root system. This is key to survival and establishment of the tree in the landscape or garden.

Caning, tying, detailed head branch pruning and training of leaders to ensure a vigorous well-balanced crown, with a dominant leader and good root to shoot ratio.

Our most mature trees, usually from a 12-14cm girth up, will be supplied as rootballed. 

We pride ourselves in growing a large range of native trees that will thrive in the British landscape providing habitats for native species of wildlife.  We constantly assess and introduce new improved cultivars.

Hedging & Forestry Transplants

Buying and planting bareroot transplants is the most efficient and economical way to achieve any form of hedging.

               Our extensive range of stock originates from native sourced seed where possible, or is produced in the form of hardwood cuttings from our own grown material.

Hedges provide a safe haven and feeding ground for insects and wildlife, as well as nesting grounds for birds.

We also a produce a full range of forestry varieties.

Native & British Grown

UK natives and UK provenance stock are core to our ranges of both trees and transplants.

Native species will benefit your local ecosystems, helping the thousands of insects and wildlife that rely on them to survive. They tend to be very low maintenance once established.

The vast majority of our bareroot trees and transplants are British grown.  In fact many of our trees start their life in our transplants production and are then planted out into the tree fields.

Buying British grown product helps protect our landscapes from new pests and disease borne on the Continent.

How to plant

Unpack plants immediately and untangle the roots

Keep the roots moist and protected from the sun, wind and cold at all times

Plant within 3 days at the most

Soak the roots in water for at least 3 to 6 hours before planting

Dig the hole wide enough to leave space around the roots

Dig deep enough so the plant will sit with the soil level with the mark on the trunk from where it was growing on the nursery

Gently refill the hole and firm the soil around the plant

Stake and add protection guards if needed

Water in well

Continue to water until well established