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Hedging and Forestry

Wholesale Hedging and Forestry is another key area of our business.

We provide British stock for landowners and larger-scale projects nationwide. 

Field grown & native

We’ve 250 acres of transplant production and produce high-quality, field-grown, native shrubs, trees and hedging plants.

Our range includes more than five million transplants and one and two-year-old saplings and trees from 40-60cm up to 200-250cm in height.

Seed beds

We also sow 43 kilometres of seed beds each year. This helps us ensure we supply only the best quality plants to you.

Central to our ethos here is to provide UK natives and UK provenance. This is a core part of our range and something we’re very proud of.

Extend the season

To help extend the supply season, we use our state-of-the-art 3,000 cubic metres of cold store space. We also have container hedging available all year round.

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