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Our Story

Let us take you back over 90 years, to the year 1930, when Wyevale Nurseries was born.  Since that very first day, we have made it our mission to maintain our heritage, while driving the business forward.  A truly pioneering company, rich with heritage built from humble beginnings.

We’ve always been family owned and we actively celebrate this. It started with Harry Williamson, and continues all the way through to today, when Harry’s granddaughter Heather steers the business.  Take a look at our visual timeline of this journey…


Wyevale Nurseries is born

Our founder, Harry Williamson, was an innovative grower.

Wyevale Nurseries Ltd began life in 1930 when Harry started growing and selling roses by mail order.

Based in Hereford, we’ve been owned and run by the Williamson family since our foundation. Our values with regards delivering on our commitments, exceptional service and being passionate about plants, remain as true today as they did to Harry in 1930.


Harry Williamson visits the USA

In the early 1950s Harry visited the USA where he saw plants being grown and sold in containers, along with the concept of garden centres.


First Garden Centre Opens In Kings Acre

In 1963 Harry opened one of the first garden centres in the UK, on Kings Acre Road in Hereford, just opposite his nursery fields – selling plants he had grown in empty jam tins from a nearby factory.


Peter Williamson Takes the Helm

During the 1970s, Harry’s son Peter took active control of the business. Peter developed four very separate production divisions to focus on separate product groups: Trees – Open Ground and Container Grown, Transplants and Container Grown Hardy Nursery Stock.

Although now run with greater synergy, we still operate all four production sites providing customers with all their planting needs year-round.


The 19 Garden Centres Are Floated

During the late 1980s the company owned a total of 19 garden centres. In 1987 the Garden Centre side of the business was floated on the stock exchange as Wyevale Garden Centres PLC. At this point the two businesses were separated and managed independently.


Heather & Simeon Williamson Ownership

Peter sadly passed away in 2011 and ownership of the company went to the third generation of the Williamson family, Heather and Simeon – Harry’s grandchildren. Today, they operate as joint Chair of the company and take an active steer in all aspects of the business.


Nursery Continues its Success

Wyevale Nurseries continues to thrive. Striving to meet and exceed customers’ expectations in a sustainable way.

Key to our long-term success is innovating in production methodology, rationalising our ranges, reviewing and raising environmental targets and investing in infrastructure and personnel.

We look forward to sharing a very ‘green’ future with you.