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Grasses and Ferns

As plant wholesalers, we’re well-known for our fabulous ranges of grasses and ferns and are market leaders when it comes to their production.

Each year we introduce new varieties and are always looking for the latest introductions to include like the wonderful Dryopteris wallichiana ‘Jurassic Gold’. Our ranges are available in 2-5L pots. Each plant is bark topped at the potting stage to reduce weeds and peat use.

They sell very well, so we advise ordering well in advance.


Grasses are currently very fashionable in the retail, amenity landscape and domestic landscape markets.

They have been popular with garden designers at Chelsea for the past five years and this trend looks set to continue.

We have a superb range of grasses in our collection providing a wonderful architectural addition to any garden or planting scheme.

Perfect for planting in waves and interspersing with flowering herbaceous such as Echinacea, Rudbeckia, or Verbascum to create a prairie effect and support wildlife.

There are also some varieties that are suitable for patio pots too. Making them great statement plants and accessories for urban outdoor spaces.

Our collection includes many interesting colours such as reds and pinks and variegated options. As well as award-winning varieties.


We offer an extensive range of well-proven, top-quality hardy varieties featuring interesting forms, textures and colours.

They are currently very popular on social media and in the print media and are known as fashionable gardening must-haves.

Ferns are particularly trendy because they can be a standalone plant in a pot on a suburban patio.

Our specimen ferns are one of our specialities.

Our Hardy Fern Specimen Collection plants are grown in five-litre pots. They are supplied as a mass of fresh foliage, providing maximum impact and value for money.

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