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As one of the UK’s leading commercial shrub nurseries, we produce a stunning range of wholesale potted shrubs.

We grow for both the amenity and retail markets – supplying landscape contractors, garden designers, housebuilders, local authorities, garden centres and more.

We offer choice

Our product selection is envied across our industry and our talented team regularly introduces new, award-winning plants.

This means we’re able to offer you lots of varieties to choose from in our shrub nursery that are perfect for your project or garden centre.

Our retail customers can take advantage of more than 150 promotions grown across all our collections.

We recently won Best New Plant Introduction (Shrub/Climber) at the National Plant Show with Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Magic Ball’.  Our Rosa ‘Cutie Pie’ was awarded Gold in the same category.

The best control

We’re also one of the last remaining British wholesale shrub nurseries still propagating Hardy Nursery Stock. 

We propagate around 650,000 shrub cuttings each year, ensuring we supply only the very best plants.

Our Potting Unit pots around 1.6 million plants per year. We supply pot sizes ranging from 2L to 20L, depending on your needs. To aid sustainability, we bark top all our plants at the potting stage to reduce weeds and peat use.

We’re also independently audited as part of the Defra-endorsed Plant Health Alliance’s Plant Healthy Certification scheme.

A complete range

We specialise in a complete range of shrubs for sale to suit all locations and trends.

These include seaside compatible options, evergreens and an incredible Phormium offering to add shape and colour to any setting.

Substantial facilities

Our Container Plants Department covers 77 acres of nursery production with a further 20 acres of potential development. 

40% of the nursery has covered growing facilities too.

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