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Our customers

We provide a comprehensive array of commercial plants and wholesale plants such as trees, shrubs, hedging, herbaceous and specimen plants for commercial projects and retail sales. Our focus is to supply the very best quality plants to:

  • Amenity landscape contractors
  • Local authorities
  • Foresters
  • Landowners
  • Property developers
  • Garden designers
  • Garden centres
  • Retail outlets
  • Online retailers

Why come to us?

We’ve been helping our customers create and plant great British landscapes for the past 10 decades.

Our horticultural heritage paired with our 21st-century techniques, knowledge and expertise make us one of the UK’s leading commercial nurseries.

Our product selection is envied across the industry and our talented team regularly introduces new, award-winning plant varieties.

Our commercial plants offering

We can help you when it comes to commercial plants. We have trees, shrubs, and plants for the largest of planting schemes.

Our range is a complete one, allowing you to get all you could need from us.

We can provide everything from container pots to field and container-grown trees and hedging/forestry transplants, as well as offer an all-year-round tree supply.

Solutions & contract grow

If we don’t have what you need in stock, we work with our network of trading partners to find solutions.

We will source plants to meet your specific requirements and can contract grow for you too.

Top-notch service

Our experienced horticulturalists, who have hundreds of years of expertise between them, and our knowledgeable sales team, also provide free advice and assistance.

And our top-notch service doesn’t end there.

We’re specialists in packing and delivering plants safely, so they arrive with you in excellent condition.

Our retail-specific service

Our years of experience ensure we know what garden centres and retailers like, what wholesale plants they need, and when.

Plus, we’re continually looking for the latest plant trends to encourage consumer purchases and pull-through sales.

Complete range

We offer a complete range of garden centre and retailer-ready plants including shrubs, herbaceous, and ferns.

These are retail quality plants. They’re grown especially for this purpose, with their own picture care labels, supplied in environmentally friendly, kerbside recyclable, taupe pots.

Simple & easy

Barcodes and retail-priced labels can be provided if you need these too. Making it super simple to add our plants to your plantaria beds and till systems.

We also have our own delivery service and can supply your plants on trollies. They come packed by experts and can be easily unloaded and transported to where you need them.

Promotional Catalogue

If you’d like to find out more about our retail range, we produce an annual Promotional Catalogue for the following year.

This ensures we supply the very best plants to you and that you can plan ahead with your stocking up.