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We’ve put five new plants up for National Plant Show

13th June, 2023

We’ve put five new plants up for National Plant Show awards

We’ve entered five new varieties for the New Plant Awards at the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) National Plant Show this month (June 2023). They are British-bred Hebe Verdi Crème, the three-tone variegated Fatsia japonica Camouflage, low maintenance Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Cherry Explosion’ and the nectar-rich Salvia Cuello Pink and Salvia Cuello White.

Not to be missed event

Andy Johnson, our Managing Director, says: “We’re delighted to be back at the show again this year, which takes place at NAEC Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire on June 20 and 21. It’s a hugely important event in our calendar and we wouldn’t miss it!

“Our highly professional, knowledgeable, skilled and experienced team, including our Retail Sales Manager, Colin Stanley, our Garden Centre Sales Executive, Lisa Ashford and our Production Manager, Kyle Ross, will be in Hall 1 at stand 200/205. They’re really looking forward to catching up with customers old and new, and all our colleagues from the industry.

Perfect for pollinators

“Our 2023 entries include some that are perfect for pollinators and some that are ideal for anyone who wants something stunning in a pot. We’ve also chosen some entries that can survive some of the shifts in climate we’re now experiencing too.

“We’ve also entered our two new salvias – Salvia gregii Cuello Pink and Salvia gregii Cuello White, which we launched at last year’s show and have been on sale in garden centres and retailers nationwide this year to raise awareness and funds for the charity Perennial.

“To add to all this, we’re also handing out our new full colour, printed 2024 catalogue, which features some new additions.”

Our five new plants are:

Hebe Verdi Creme

The perfect patio pot statement shrub! A brand new British-bred Hebe variety. Its glossy foliage is heavily variegated with silver and cream and is topped with beautiful white flowers in late spring. Hebe Verdi Crème’s compact nature requires very little pruning, just plant it up and watch the bees flock to it. A lovely statement patio piece.

Its strong, clean and even cream/green variegated foliage lengthens its selling season from May to September, meaning more potential for impulse sales in garden centres.

Hebe Verdi Crème will tolerate spells of drought and has an official stated hardiness down to -5°c. Its compact, mound forming nature ensure that customers are not left with a bulky, unyielding plant that requires regular pruning.

It will grow in any peat free compost blends and thrive when planted in a sheltered spot. It also appears to be resistant to Hebe Septoria leaf spot.

Fatsia japonica Camouflage

The ultimate hardy jungle theme plant has arrived! Fatsia japonica Camouflage, a new variety with three different shades of green variegation, which truly lives up to its name! Easy to look after with no trimming required, this plant looks like it’s just been lifted from the rainforest. A real eye-catcher.

Its exotic foliage, coupled with a -5°c hardiness rating, means that this showy plant will look amazing from March through to November. It’s three-tone variegation is extremely unique.

Fatsia japonica Camouflage offers white, ball-shaped flowers in autumn. It’s perfect for pots as a large specimen, outside or in a conservatory, but can also be planted in a semi-shaded location. Customers are also able to have this Fatsia as a houseplant.

It has an ultimate height and spread of 2m x 2m, will grow in most soils and requires regular watering.

It has dual market capabilities, being of commercial interest to both the garden centre and amenity markets.

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Cherry Explosion’

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Cherry Explosion’ is the perfect plant to add a pop of colour to any garden space, without the need for high maintenance. Its long-lasting blooms attract an abundance of pollinators and are ideal for cutting, while the foliage turns deep burgundy in the autumn for extended seasonal interest.

This plant is a fantastic colour break in lace-cap hydrangea and provides a literal explosion of extra-large, cherry red open flower petals with a profusion of sparkling pink flowers in the centre. The flowers appear from top to bottom of the plant too.

This new hydrangea is happy growing in any well-drained soil and particularly likes a sunny spot, preferably morning sun and afternoon dappled shade. It requires little maintenance, only deadheading and a late season prune to retain its compact, rounded shape.

Very easy to grow with minimal trimming to shape it required, it has a naturally compact, round habit. Overall height and spread achieved can be up to 3m x 4m, so it would make a wonderful hedge.

It has a long flowering period from June through to late September. The more indirect sunlight the plant receives the more vibrant the flower colour. If planted in acid soil the flowers will turn lavender in colour.

Ideal for planting in containers for a splash of colour on the patio, or in mixed borders. A perfect pollinator and an excellent provider of cut flowers for arrangements.

Salvia Cuello Pink and Salvia Cuello White

Two fabulous new salvias with complimentary colouring, Salvia Cuello Pink and Cuello White offer maximum impact with minimum effort. Fragrant, fresh, crisp, easy to maintain, and rich in nectar. Perfect in patio containers, mixed borders, or as edging plants in raised planters.

Salvia Cuello Pink blooms have a lovely delicate pink tone that sits against its rich dark Calyx. Salvia Cuello White has contrasting white blooms that blush to pink where the flowers meet its dramatic chocolate stems.

Both varieties are great for wildlife, as a source of rich nectar, so will attract an abundance of bees and butterflies.

They are also drought tolerant so will require minimum watering, even if planted in containers.

Their fragrant foliage will waft a glorious scent when brushed against. They are ideal when planted in a row as an unusual border or raised planter edge, especially where traffic is high to release the foliage fragrance.

These woody-based perennials are naturally bush forming and will flower from early summer through to late autumn. Hardy to -5°c. Overall height and spread 70-80cm x 70-80cm.