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We’ve launched a bare root hedging website to meet demand

8th September, 2023

We’ve launched a bare root hedging website to meet demand

This week we launched a new e-commerce website selling bare root hedging plants (September 8, 2023).

The new website is purely an e-venture born out of increasing direct demand experienced by us from consumers wishing to buy bare root online.

Wyevale Hedges

Our Chairman, Heather Williamson explains: “Wyevale Hedges is a new venture established to plug a gap in the market, supplying high quality British grown bare root hedging direct to the public. It will feature more than 150 items of hedging stock along with some planting sundries.” is designed to cater to individuals and businesses that do not meet the minimum order quantity requirements for commercial sales.

Heather continues: “During the various Covid lockdowns, we experienced much more online interest direct from consumers for our hedging and expertise. This has continued and we felt it was important to help meet this online demand.

Buy online

“We will of course continue to provide our bare root hedging to garden centres and other retailers to sell to the general public as well, and our range will be available as normal to all commercial landscaping and amenity customers too. The website is simply there to meet the online demand that we’ve already been receiving from consumers who want to buy from a virtual platform.

“Our commercial customers will always be Wyevale Nurseries focus and we know that their USPs are very much about being part of their local communities and offering human interaction, face-to-face, plus hands-on advice, this is something our online presence will not match. Customers at garden centres, of course, will also be able to see what they are buying in person.

Highly experienced personnel

“The website, which is managed and run by a team of highly experienced personnel from Wyevale Nurseries, offers excellent advice on choosing the right product to best suit a customer’s needs, along with planting and aftercare advice, again something our garden centre customers could tap into to help them advise their customers in-store too.”