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We’re running a peat-free advice hub at National Plant Show

20th June, 2023

We’re running a peat-free advice hub at National Plant Show

We’re hosting a peat-free advisory station this week at the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) National Plant Show for trade customers seeking assistance with the changes to the law around peat usage (June 20 and 21, 2023).

Technical Specialist

Our Technical Specialist, Harry Downs, who has been overseeing our peat-free plant trials, will be at the show, running the advice hub.

Andy Johnson, our Managing Director, explains: “Earlier in the year we held our first retail customer forum and one of the key topics that was discussed was ‘going peat-free’ and the associated implications and considerations for this with regards caring for plants ‘Grown in Peat Free Compost’ – which is a new strapline we’re adopting for our marketing materials on this going forward.

Come and ask questions

“Following on from this, we want to provide a service at the Show where our current and future retail customers can come and ask questions and get advice about the changes in the law around peat usage and how it will affect them.
“Plus, more importantly, how they can best care for the plants they order from us, which are in peat-free compost, as they are proving to be a very different product, when they start being delivered to garden centres.

Peat-free plant production

“We’re also producing a printed A4 flyer for the show to give our retail customers some information about peat-free plant production at Wyevale Nurseries. One side features facts and figures around our production and what we have learnt through our trials.
“On the reverse, we have shared a number of opportunities available to our customers to help address queries their staff and customers may have surrounding this matter.”

How to find us at the Show

Our ‘Grown in Peat Free Compost’ advice hub will be at our National Plant Show stand 200/205, in Hall 1.