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We’re returning to the retail tree market after a 15-year absence

17th June, 2024

We’re returning to the retail tree market after a 15-year absence

We’re unveiling our first collection of trees for retailers – after a 15-year absence from the market – at the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) National Plant Show this week (June 19 & 20, 2024).

We’re launching the range of 10 litre (10L) potted trees at the show and will be taking orders for deliveries from August onwards.

Meeting demand

Our Garden Centre Sales Manager, Colin Stanley explains:

“We have been asked by many of our retail and garden centre customers about growing trees again for them, so after 15 years, we’ve returned to our retail tree roots with our first crop for the retail market this autumn.

“Retailers and garden centres are seeing an increase in demand for trees from consumers and this is creating a pull for the product. Gardeners are keen to plant trees in their green spaces, where they can, and they are also keen to include fruit trees, so they can embrace Grow Your Own.”

Excellent range

“This is a trend our customers say looks set to continue. We’re also seeing garden centres, who currently may not be our clients, coming to us asking for trees, as they are finding it harder to import them from Europe due to increased legislation. Many also want to buy British and there are limited suppliers who can fulfil their needs of British sown and British grown, which we can.

“We’re offering an excellent range of 10L trees including ornamental and fruit trees in a trio of collections featuring many of the very best selling and most popular varieties available. We’ve included something for everyone!

Top selling varieties

“At the show we’re launching an Ornamental Collection and a Fruit Tree Collection, as well as a mixed Ornamental & Fruit Tree Collection. These are perfect for our customers who have smaller plant areas, as it allows them to offer these top selling varieties, when it may previously have been difficult for them to do so due to order numbers and space.”

Our Ornamental Collection includes Betula Jacquemontii ‘Snow Queen’, Crataegus ‘Crimson Cloud’, Prunus ‘Snow Goose’ and Sorbus ‘Vilmorinii’. Our Fruit Tree Collection includes the popular Golden Delicious Apple, Morrello Cherry, Victoria Plum and Conference Pear.

14 new promotions

From the 14 new promotions, double last year’s number, that have been added to our range for 2025, some are entries for the New Plant Awards at the National Plant Show.

They include the two new Heucheras ‘Pinky Panky’ and ‘Snowy Panky’, two Philadelphus ‘Petite Perfume White’ and ‘Petite Perfume Pink’, Salvia ‘Golden Rosiene’, Sorbaria ‘Crimson Feathers’ and Mahonia ‘Meteor’.

Also new to the catalogue for 2025 are an Acer palmatum Collection, an Alstroemeria Inticancha Series, a Chaenomeles Storm Collection, Daphne odora x bholua ‘Perfume Princess White’, a Fargesia Collection, Geranium ‘Cloud Nine’ and Tradescantia ‘JS Brainstorm’.

Find out more & order

Colin adds:

“We’re going to be displaying some of the varieties from our collections at the National Plant Show and are very happy to chat to anyone interested in finding out more. We can also take pre-orders at our stand for those that want to get ahead for the autumn season too. Come and see us, we’re in Hall 1 at stand 41/50.”

You can also order by contacting us here.