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We’re launching our 2024 promotional catalogue

14th June, 2023

We’re launching our 2024 promotional catalogue

We’re launching our new 2024 promotional catalogue at the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) National Plant Show next week.

It includes seven new plant promotions and will be available to collect at the show at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire on June 20 and 21, 2023.

Significant event

Andy Johnson, our Managing Director, says: “Our team are delighted to be attending the National Plant Show once again this year. It’s a significant event for us and it’s a brilliant opportunity to meet our retail customers in person. We’re launching our new full colour catalogue, both printed and digital versions, at the show too.

“We find the majority of our customers still prefer to handle a catalogue in the ‘real world’. They keep it for more than a year and we know they find it an invaluable reference and resource. Then they recycle it when they no longer need it.

Trends & consistent results

“Our 2024 catalogue very much reflects the latest trends that garden centre customers are looking for, such as plants that are suitable for smaller gardens and can be grown in containers on patios.

“There is also increasing demand for plants that provide food or a haven for wildlife and are easy to look after/low maintenance. Our catalogue inclusions are tried and tested performers that will deliver consistent results for consumers planting them out in their gardens.

“We’ve seven new promotions added to the range for 2024, including some of our entries for the New Plant Awards at the National Plant Show this month, such as the three-tone variegated Fatsia japonica Camouflage, and the nectar-rich Salvia Cuello Pink and Salvia Cuello White.


“Other highlights include Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year 2023 winner Agapanthus Black Jack, Agapanthus Poppin Star and Echinacea Sunseekers Hot Pink.”

Our product selection is highly respected across the industry and our experienced team regularly introduces new, award-winning plant varieties.

Next big thing

Andy concludes: “We’re always looking out for the next big thing and to develop a range that suits the modern gardener and their requirements. We follow trends closely and understand the issues facing us all with regards climate change. Gardening with the environment and the protection of the planet in mind are key. We’re also always seeking alternatives for disease susceptible varieties.

“We’ve strong relationships with young plant breeders and lead the way in introducing new plants, which will be sustainable long into the future. Having a dedicated trials area allows us to continually assess and develop new varieties before they go to market.”

Like a 2024 catalogue?

If you’re not able to join us at the show, please get in touch to get a copy of our catalogue in the post or by email.