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Tatton’s ‘Long Border’ designs 2024

9th July, 2024

Tatton ‘Long Border’ designs sponsored by us for second year

We’re once again this year providing plants for some of the ‘Long Border’ designs at the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Flower Show at Tatton Park (July 17-21, 2024).

The four sponsored designs have been put together by final year Landscape Architect students from the University of Gloucestershire to meet the RHS challenge of ‘Make a Statement’.

Showcase creativity

Our Amenity Sales Executive, Alan Young explains:

“The Long Border offers an exciting opportunity for designers, gardeners and horticultural students to showcase their creativity, inspire visitors and potentially earn a prestigious RHS medal too.

“We invited some of the students whose designs we’re sponsoring this year to come in recently to select the plants they need and we’re now looking forward to seeing them in place at Tatton next week.

Final year students

“It’s thrilling to be involved once again with the 2024 University of Gloucestershire Landscape Architect final year students and to help supply the plants they need for their wonderful designs.”

Our four sponsored borders are ‘Authenticity’ by Cara Gaffney, Kaci Purnell and Katie Bishop, ‘Growth Begins with Reflection’ by Victoria Bettany, Eloise Wood and Sophie Wiseman, ‘Temporal Bloom Odyssey’ by Bayley Blyther, Ashley Woollaston and Jessica Richardson and ‘Nectar Nook’ by Megan Chopp, Phoebe Hunt and Ayomide Palmer.

Personal favourites

Alan adds:

“The students who visited us had a great time picking out their plants and I was particularly pleased to see that they were using some of my personal favourites including Digitalis ‘Lucas’ for the ‘Authenticity’ border and Dahlia ‘Bishop of Llandaff’ for the ‘Growth Begins with Reflection’ design.

Great varieties

Cara says her favourite plant for the ‘Authenticity’ border is Carex ‘Evergreen’, while Eloise selected Heuchera ‘Black Beauty’ and Victoria chose Potentilla ‘Double Punch’ from their ‘Growth Begins with Reflection’ design. Some great varieties and their designs look amazing. We’re now looking forward to what the judges have to say too. All that’s left for me to do is, on behalf of us all here at Wyevale Nurseries, wish the students the very best of luck.”


‘Authenticity’ is themed around self-expression and human interconnectedness and includes an array of plants from the robust to the refined, each chosen for their distinctive characteristics. Central to the border is an interwoven willow ring, representative of the unity and strength found in both diversity and living as one’s authentic self.

‘Growth Begins with Reflection’

‘Growth Begins with Reflection’ is inspired by the work of the artist Frida Kahlo, this thought-provoking border explores the effects that the pressures of social media have on our mental health. The space is split into two sections: expression and repression.

‘Temporal Bloom Odyssey’

The ‘Temporal Bloom Odyssey’ border offers a captivating journey through the narrative of time and change with key features representing the past, present, and future. Vibrant blooms and abstract textures are key to this design.

‘Nectar Nook’

Meanwhile, ‘Nectar Nook’ emphasises how a small space can make a significant impact. The design integrates pollinator-supporting elements like shelters, burrow sites and Fragaria (wild strawberry) for nourishment. The selection of plants – particularly those in the ultraviolet colour spectrum, like Eremurus robustus (giant desert candle), alliums and lupins – is intended to attract pollinators, complemented by visual interest.