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Time to meet Heuchera ‘Snowy Panky’

29th May, 2024

Time to meet Heuchera ‘Snowy Panky’

Among the seven varieties we’ve entered for the New Plant Awards at the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) National Plant Show on June 19 and 20 (2024) is Heuchera ‘Snowy Panky’, which is a brand new Heuchera as part of a larger collection.

Akin to its sibling Pinky Panky, Snowy Panky has beautiful and unique foliage. This variety is sure to be the talk of the garden.

This fast-growing Heuchera variety can be potted into a shaded environment and has no special watering requirements.

Unique foliage

The Panky collection of Heuchera are absolute standouts in the garden, the unique foliage is unlike most other Heucheras.

Gardeners will love the wildlife benefits presented by this variety, as well as its drought tolerance. Snowy Panky is suitable for planting in any soil type and their masses of unique evergreen leaves provide a low maintenance space filler.

Bees and butterflies

The flower spikes attract both bees and butterflies while its dense foliage provides shade and shelter for the plethora of insects that flourish on the damp soil beneath.

These perennials are perfect for planting in pots or in mixed borders, especially those with partial sun and some shade.

A star in the garden

Sister to the beautiful Pinky Panky, with splashes of colour across evergreen foliage, this perennial is perfect in containers, or planted up in a mixed border, and is sure to be a star in the garden.

Like to know more?

If you’d like to get more details or order Heuchera ‘Snowy Panky’ for your garden centre for 2025 delivery, please get in touch here.