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Our new look 2025 catalogue launches with 14 new introductions

17th June, 2024

Our new look 2025 catalogue launches with 14 new introductions

Our 2025 promotional catalogue aimed at retailers is launching at the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) National Plant Show this week featuring a new look and a plethora of British-grown introductions (June 2024).

We’ll be showcasing some of our 14 new plant promotions from the catalogue at the show at NAEC Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire on June 19 and 20.

Wonderful event

Our Managing Director, Andy Johnson explains:

“The National Plant Show is always a wonderful event in our diary and our teams are really looking forward to being there once again this year.

“It’s an important opportunity for us to meet our retail customers in person and to show them what we have available for 2025. We’re launching our new full colour catalogue, both our printed and digital versions, at the show as well.

Contemporary feel

“This year we’ve changed its look to give it a more contemporary feel and we’ve also included 14 new plant introductions, and more than 100 varieties that attract and help feed and shelter wildlife.

“Our plant selection is highly respected across the industry and our experienced team regularly introduces new, award-winning varieties. Our product development is critical to meeting future market demands and availability.

Looking at emerging trends

“We’re always looking at emerging trends – such as the rising demand from consumers to attract and look after wildlife in their green spaces. There’s also the surge in interest for plants for containers that can easily be used in smaller places. Something that can go with you when you move home and can easily be relocated within your space to update your outdoor look, a bit like the way furniture and accessories in interior settings might be used. Plus, gardeners are looking for plants that can withstand the extremes of weather we’re now experiencing.”

14 new promotions

From the 14 new promotions, double last year’s number, that have been added to our range for 2025, some are entries for the New Plant Awards at the National Plant Show.

They include the two new Heucheras ‘Pinky Panky’ and ‘Snowy Panky’, two Philadelphus ‘Petite Perfume White’ and ‘Petite Perfume Pink’, Salvia ‘Golden Rosiene’, Sorbaria ‘Crimson Feather’ and Mahonia ‘Meteor’.

Also new to the catalogue for 2025 are an Acer palmatum Collection, an Alstroemeria Inticancha Series, a Chaenomeles Storm Collection, Daphne odora x bholua ‘Perfume Princess White’, a Fargesia Collection, Geranium ‘Cloud Nine’ and Tradescantia ‘JS Brainstorm’.

Front cover star quality

Andy adds:

“Tradescantia ‘JS Brainstorm’ is so striking that we chose to feature it on the front cover of the catalogue and we’re really looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks of it when they get to see it. We think it has star quality and will be a sure-fire winner in plantarias next year.

“We’re proud to be seen as a quality supplier to UK garden centres. Our knowledgeable team works closely alongside our customers to recognise their needs and this allows us to offer bespoke packages.

Ever-changing marketplace

“We anticipate and understand the ever-changing marketplace, and always welcome feedback from new and existing customers on ways we can tailor our offer to suit their needs.

“In terms of sourcing future new introductions to meet demand, we’re forming ongoing strong relationships with young plant breeders to introduce new plants, which will be sustainable long into the future. Having a dedicated trials area also means we’re able to continually assess and develop new varieties before going to market too.”

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