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All about Philadelphus ‘Petite Perfume White’

29th May, 2024

All about Philadelphus ‘Petite Perfume White’

Bred by the legendary Alan Postil at Hillier, this Philadelphus ‘Petite Perfume White’ is the fourth of our seven entries for the New Plant Awards at the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) National Plant Show in June (2024).

This collection of Philadelphus is proudly grown in partnership with Newey, a collaboration between young and final plant producer that strengthens relationships and opens up new opportunities for the horticulture industry.

It makes a fantastic addition to any garden. With masses of highly scented white blooms and an overall hardy nature, this shrub combines beauty and versatility for even the smallest of gardens.

Grown for its fragrant summer flowers, Petite Perfume White has a long six-week flowering window. Its petite nature and hardiness mean that this shrub is almost indestructible.

Wonderful fragrance

These Philadelphus prefer a spot in partial sun, growing to approximately 1.5m tall over time, with a spread of 50cm. Planted in pots or amongst borders in well-drained soil enables these plants to distribute a wonderful fragrance, and suit even the smallest of gardens.

Similarly to its sibling Petite Perfume Pink, this Philadelphus produces masses of flowers throughout summer attracting bees and butterflies, making it a perfect addition to wildlife friendly gardens.

Drought resistance

Its small size and hardy nature mean that Petite Perfume White is easily manageable, and due to its drought resistance, regular watering is not required..

Planting both varieties of this Philadelphus will enable consumers to have both white and pink flowers all summer long.

High tolerance to air pollution

The hardy nature of this shrub makes it ideal for planting in urban or coastal areas. With high tolerance to air pollution and natural drought resistance, Petite Perfume White can also look fantastic in woodland borders or as a screen.

Want to order?

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